Miracles of Coconut Oil for your hair

Coconut oil has a natural affinity with human hair protein- an essential nutrient to strengthen your hair. The medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil also gets into the hair shaft quickly, nourishing deeply from the root to the end, reducing dry and split end hair. It also protect the loss of hair protein from heat and other chemical effects like sunlight exposure, hair-drying blower, hair coloring, hair curling, hair straightening, etc..

hair cropped

1.     Treat Your Scalp: Antibacterial agents in a coconut oil can deal with the disease on your scalp. This is ‘root cause’ solution to removing dandruff.

2.     Lower Premature Hair Loss: If you have hereditary hair loss, it works best when used at the beginning of hair loss. Applying coconut oil regularly for hair will gradually lower your hair loss while the new healthy hair is starting to grow up

3.     Reduce Premature Gray Hair: If your hair starts becoming gray too early, just apply coconut oil as a hair treatment regularly. It might take weeks or months to start seeing the result, depending on how much of the gray hair you have

How to Apply Coconut Oil for Hair: 

Apply a tablespoon of coconut oil in your palm, massage your scalp and dry hair. Leave it for 30 minutes to one hour and shampoo as usual. Light shampoo/ Baby shampoo is recommended

Treat scalp disease and hair loss, you might have to treat your hair with coconut oil over night and wash your hair


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